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Ways To Donate


For your convenience, we have an online giving process. This works well for one-time donations. It is rather low-tech, so if you can’t do what you want, there are other ways to give. To give online, click the PayPal button and fill out the form. If you don’t have a PayPal account, you will be able to use a debit/credit card.

For recurring donations, the best way is through your bank’s bill pay system.  It doesn’t cost anything and we avoid PayPal’s 2.9% plus .30 transaction fee and limitations. If your bank needs a routing number or does not have bill pay option where you can choose your recipient, contact All you need is UD’s street address. You can also use the form below.







Generosity gladdens the heart & opens the mind

“Even if a person throws the rinsings of a bowl or a cup into a village pool or pond, thinking, ‘May whatever animals live here feed on this,’ that would be a source of merit.” – the Buddha (in the Anguttara Nikaya)

The Buddha taught that generosity (dana) is the first of the perfections of bodhisattvas. Generosity brings happiness at every stage of its expression. We experience joy in forming the intention to be generous, in the actual act of giving, and in remembering the fact that we have given.

At Urban Dharma, although you might see that we request “suggested donations” for programs, we adhere to more than 2500 years of Buddhist tradition of offering our programs on a generosity/dana basis: no one is ever turned away for any of our programs due to lack of funds. Although financially daring for a center, this choice provides you an excellent vehicle for the practice of generosity, which may be expressed by monetary contributions and/or by volunteering.

By giving a one-time donation, becoming a Sustaining Member or Temple Volunteer, or offering a Planned Gift, you help maintain Urban Dharma’s environment of openness, in which everyone has the opportunity to receive the Buddha’s life-transforming teachings. You also enable Urban Dharma Temple to keep its doors open six days a week to all who need sanctuary.

Every donation is greatly appreciated and adds a grain of sand to the mandala that continuously unfolds as a sacred space created for the benefit of all beings. Sustaining Members are the financial lifeblood of Urban Dharma, providing reliable monthly income so we can continue to give the gift of Dharma to all. To learn more about becoming a Sustaining Member or Temple Volunteer, or about Planned Giving, scroll down below.

Sustaining Membership

Join The Mandala of Generosity

Sustaining members pledge a fixed dollar amount to Urban Dharma each month. Urban Dharma relies on this monthly support not only for such day-to-day expenses as rent and utilities, but also for such special program costs as travel, accommodations and meal expenses for out-of-town teachers.

We adhere to the 2500-year-old Buddhist tradition of offering our programs on a dana or generosity basis rather than charging a set fee.  All our “suggested donations” are just that – suggested. This practice lets participants decide for themselves the value of teachings received, make their offering and practice generosity without regret. Yet over and above these occasional offerings, our ongoing work of teaching Dharma vitally depends upon the monthly gifts we receive from sustaining members. These gifts provide a secure foundation that allows us to plan more confidently our future programs and activities.

Benefits of Becoming a Sustaining Member

Members-only special events, private gatherings with visiting teachers, benefactors e-newsletter and more. Most of all, knowing that your pledged monthly donation will work towards keeping Urban Dharma, its programs and offerings to the public open and available to the entire local as well as global community. If you are interested, please contact  Thank you.

Volunteer Opportunities

Besides your financial support, we value and need your help in carrying out current projects and planning future ones. Please call or text Lawrence (Urban Dharma’s Volunteer Coordinator) at (203) 984-5111 for more information.

Below are just some of the ways in which you can help sustain our mission:

  • Volunteer as a weekly temple staff
  • Help clean the temple
  • Help provide flower arrangements for the Temple
  • Donate tea candles
  • Assist with special events
  • Help design brochures and promotional items
  • Advertise our programs
  • Help with the production of informational materials for distribution
  • Help with audio and video production and distribution
  • Promote our mission and help with fundraising