Start of Ladrup Dewé Dorjé Ngöndro Program |
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Start of
Ladrup Dewé Dorjé
Ngöndro Program

Information Session

Wednesday, July 10
7:30pm – 9pm New York Time

Zoom Meeting ID: 937 370 089
Passcode: 1179

Ngöndro Transmission

Saturday, August 3 & Sunday, August 4
10am – 2pm New York Time

In-person & On Zoom Participation
[Registration Required, see below]
If you’re unable to register via the form below, please click here.

Dr. Lye will give the reading-transmission (Tib. “Lung”) of the special Ngöndro of Ladrup Dewé Dorjé and give teachings on each section of the Ngöndro. Participants are expected to complete a basic commitment for this Ngöndro before receiving and practicing the rest of the Outer Sādhana of Ladrup Dewé Dorjé. Unlike the 100,000 accumulations that are common to the way many other Ngöndros are practiced, the Ladrup Dewé Dorjé cycle does not emphasize numbers. Dr. Lye will say more on this during the informational session on July 10. The Ngöndro text will be shared as a PDF when we get closer to the program date. In-person participants will have the opportunity to obtain a hardcopy of the text.

Dr. Lye first received this Empowerment and started its practices in 2017 and has taught them on occasions since then. Subsequent to the February Empowerment (which was the fourth occasion Dr. Lye received this Empowerment from His Holiness), His Holiness also privately gave the necessary reading-transmissions of many of the related practices to Dr. Lye. And when Dr. Lye was traveling with His Holiness in Ladakh recently, His Holiness gave further instructions on how best to support others’ practice of this precious cycle.

[PLEASE NOTE: Do not forward this page to anyone who did not receive the Ladrup Dewé Dorjé from His Holiness.]

In registering to participate over Zoom, you are agreeing to keep your video camera on the entire program. If your video camera is consistently turned off, we will disconnect you.

Although since the COVID-19 pandemic, the way of taking vajrayana teachings and practices have changed dramatically, Dr. Lye sends a gentle reminder that generally we should NOT jump into vajrayana practice heads-on without any consideration whatsoever. As we all know, in every vajrayana practice there is always a caution issued: Do not take this lightly.

What one should consider regarding “not taking this lightly” include:

1. Am I receiving this teaching/practice out of curiosity or out of genuine desire to engage in the practice?
2. Am I participating in good faith and with confidence in the power of the Dharma?
3. Do I have enough faith in the qualities of the teacher or am I participating without knowing anything about who the teacher is?
4. Will I commit to the practices “to the best of my ability?”

Dr. Lye further clarifies that in participating in this Ladrup Dewé Dorjé program, no one is automatically pledging their discipleship to Dr. Lye personally. In fact, you should NOT. While there are some who do have a teacher-disciple relationship with Dr. Lye, all these cases developed organically over many years.

Therefore, if you participate in this Ladrup Dewé Dorjé program, Dr. Lye ask that you direct your faith and devotion to His Holiness the Drikung Kyabgön as the living representative of Kyobpa Jikten Sumgön and thus the root-guru of all Drikung Kagyupas.

Register to Attend

Aug 3 & 4

Suggested dana to Dorje Lopön Dr. Lye: $50

Suggested dana to Urban Dharma: $50

[You can register regardless of your ability and/or willingness to offer. The suggested amount simply reflects operational & living costs involved in offering the programs we offer using the “offer what you can” model.]